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Consultation prior to the acquisition of a work of art

When purchasing a work of art, prior consultation or informing oneself concerning its characteristics is always necessary, especially in order to make comparisons with other works. In the field of plastic arts, this process of consultation has nearly always been ignored. Subsequently, there have been many cases, as those who know the market can testify, where large sums of money have been paid to artists who within a few years have completely disappeared from the market.  


Consultation in the Plastic Arts 

If you wish to buy a piece of art valued at more than 5,000 Euros, it is important to be sure about your purchase through prior consultation. Remember that consultants exist in all fields including business, real estate, finance, the law, politics and public relations, and choosing the best consultant means improved results. In the plastic arts, choosing the best consultant, with practical experience in the market, means reducing the possibility that acquired works of art will depreciate in value as the years go by. The complete opposite is indeed the norm.  


Assessment on valuing a work of art

Valuing a work of art is essential in order not to pay the inflated prices which are common for up to 80% of contemporary artists. The following criteria should be taken into account: 

             The quality of the piece

             The age of the artist

             Artistic trajectory




Assessment on negotiating the purchase of a work of art

How a purchase is conducted will vary, especially when discussing and negotiating price reductions, according to where the piece is acquired, be it in a gallery, directly from a painterís studio or from a private individual. There are very wide differences in price, depending on where you buy.  


Assessment on the acquisition of artworks by specific artists

As we all know, in the region of 10% to 20% of any given artistís output can be regarded as of the very highest quality. In many cases, not even the artists themselves are able to distinguish which of their works meet this criterion. To discover pieces of quality, much patience is needed and, above all, an artistís output needs to be regularly followed.


Assessment on acquisition from international artists 

Through my participation and regular attendance at the principle international art fairs and through the development of a personal relationship with the principle European, North American and Japanese galleries, I am able to negotiate acquisitions from established artists. Some of these artistsí works are more reasonably valued outside of their own countries of origin.



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