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Private Individuals

Individuals with a certain artistic sensibility who have at their disposal a small amount of capital and wish to acquire a work of art, in the hope that, as the years go by,  their investment will be rewarded should they decide to sell or exchange, regardless of the pleasure gained during ownership.  



Those who in some form or fashion are already consultants in their own profession, of whom the vast majority do not have the time to devote themselves to searching out and investigating trends and artists. It is precisely these professionals who most benefit from the help given by a consultant.  As consultants in their own specialist field, they are most likely to value and appreciate the help provided by an external consultant in assessing and managing the purchase of a product, especially in the plastic arts. The majority of professionals know how to apply logic and in the plastic arts logic is also an important factor.



There are many companies, notwithstanding the aformentioned professionals, who need to acquire works of art for reasons of image and prestige. A high percentage of these companies, especially smaller companies, are obliged to acquire works of art produced by their own clients or families. Works such as these painted by so called ‘painters for pleasure’ are immediately identifiable when visiting companies and company offices. It should also be mentioned that works of art of a very high quality can be found in many companies, which fit in well with their corporate identity.


Private institutions

Those institutions that in some form hold as their principle objective social concerns regularly promote with a certain sagacity emerging artists with the potential to establish themselves in the art market in all its complexities.  



I know a number of collectors of the plastic arts who possess a trained instinct and a good deal of wisdom who have adapted their collecting to their own budget without jeopardizing their personal financial position.



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