Golden Rule   






·       If you wish to acquire a work of art valued at more than 3.000 Euros, allow an independent expert to advise you, whether you finally take the decision to buy or not.

·       Never stop educating yourself to know how to balance quality and price.

·       Use your common sense and imagination.


·       Learn to contemplate a work of art in silence.


·       Keep in mind that the plastic arts are nothing more than visual perception.


·       What you are told should not transcend or influence the emotional sensation of a work of art.

·       The pleasure of viewing is not a question of intellectual development, but rather an emotional feeling, which can be trained, but is essentially innate.

·       Learn how to reduce stress by enjoying the sensations produced by the visual contemplation of a work of art in the environment where it is displayed.

·       Learn to be aware of yourself and remember that when acquiring a work of art only the visual factor is important, not logic, or intellect or what you are told. Emotion is the key factor. 

·       The value of a piece depends on whether it is acquired for romantic or speculative reasons.

·       Price is not always directly proportional to the quality of an artist. Critical acclaim can also play a role.

·       Know how to distinguish that the output and quality of an artist resembles the pattern of human life:


1.    Market introduction  

2.    Growth   

3.    Maturity             

4.    Decline

·       There are three categories of painters:

1.    Those with another profession who paint as a hobby or pastime.

2.    Technical professionals with a strong basis or talent for drawing, among who are included designers. These may be considered as “commercial” artists, who in some cases have reached a certain level of quality.

3.    Those who have worked exclusively in the plastic arts from an early age and from their 20’s or 30’s have dedicated a lifetime to creativity. They have been subject to continual mishap and disappointment in some form or other. It is precisely these artists that set and create trends and become icons in the art market


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