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With more than two decades’ experience in the art market in all its diversity, I have seen the different changes that have taken place in the distribution, promotion and purchasing patterns of the plastic arts.  Thus, I consider myself a skilled and independent expert of both private and institutional character.


As ex-Director of a prestigious central-European gallery I have organised more than 100 exhibitions, which has allowed me to develop a close and personal working relationship with artists. Many of these exhibitions have been international in character at art fairs in both Europe and North America.


Consequently, I prefer not to highlight the actual names of any of the artists exhibited, so as not to fall into the humdrum, monotonous trap of publicising those whose fame is already assured, given that there are many other less well-known artists who also merit attention. Many display a creative talent of equal artistic quality, which we should respect, although many have not yet received the recognition that they merit. It goes without saying that some of them have achieved the status of icons and are reference points within the international art market, and with whom I have had and continue to have the pleasure of a personal relationship.


My mission as consultant is not to predict an artist's future but to diagnose market behaviour and reaction in relation to a particular artist and to find and implement accuracy in acquisitions.


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